Shopper Benefits

No Credit Card Needed

You no longer need a credit card to shop online! SID payments are made directly from your bank account.

No Shopper Registration

There’s no shopper registration required when paying with SID, allowing for a quick payment process.

Make SID Payments for Free

You don't pay any additional fees when using the SID payment method for your online purchases.

Safe Online Shopping

SID allows you to shop online without exposing your financial or personal information.

Shopper Protection Program

Our free Shopper Protection Program safeguards you against any unauthorised payments.

Easy Payment Process

Enjoy a smooth payment process that links you directly to your Internet Banking and right back to the merchant’s website.

Quick Payment Confirmation

An instant payment confirmation from your Bank verifies that your SID payment was made successfully.

Order Filled Immediately

No need to send through proof of payment. SID lets the merchant know when you’ve paid, so your order can be filled immediately.

No Drawing on Credit

SID payments are made directly from your bank account, so you don’t have to draw on credit to make online payments.
SID Shopper Benefits
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