Merchant Benefits

Payment Guaranteed

Online payments received with SID are 100% guaranteed to you as they are irreversable.

No Chargebacks or Fraud

SID Payment allows you to eliminate the risk of chargebacks and fraud.

Direct Payment

Payments received with SID are deposited directly into your bank account in real time.

Low Transaction Fee

You'll be able to save on transaction fees as SID payments are charged at a low 1.5%.

No Merchant Account Needed

SID payments are made directly into your business or personal bank account.

No More Lost Sales

Reduce cart abandonment for online EFT payment with the simple SID payment process.

Instant Payment Notification

No more waiting for customers to send through proof of payment, so you can fill orders faster.

Increase Online Sales

Increase your online sales by up to 25% by offering a payment alternative to credit card.

Merchant Protection Program

We offer a free merchant and shopper protection program to provide additional peace of mind.

Trusted by Shoppers

SID is South Africa's most trusted online payment alternative to credit card.
SID Payment Benefits
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