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without a credit card!

SID is the only instant EFT payment service in South Africa that allows your customers to make secure online payments directly into your bank account in real time.

Online Payment South Africa

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How does SID work?

SID allows anyone to complete an EFT payment in minutes. Watch the video below for a quick payment demo.

If you run an online business, you too can offer the SID payment
option to your customers by signing up with SID.

Why SID?

Transaction Fees

Bank Payment

No Fraud
or Chargebacks

Online Sales

No Merchant
Account Needed

Low Transaction Fees Direct Bank Payment No Fraud or Chargebacks Increase Online Sales No Merchant Account Needed

Safe Shopping with SID

Internet Banking Security

Your customer's Internet Banking security remains in place.

No Data Storage

SID doesn't access or store any Internet Banking login details.

100% Certified and Trusted

The SID payment service is certified by leading privacy and security firms.

Click here for more info about SID payment security.

SID Payment Security

Added Merchant Support

Third Party Shopping Carts

You can choose from a number of popular pre-integrated shopping carts.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team is there to assist you with your integration and
payment testing.

Live EFT Payment Support

We offer live EFT Payment support to shoppers who require assistance with
their payments.

Commerce Manager

The SID Commerce Manager allows you to view your EFT payment history
and download reports with ease.
Third Party Shopping Carts

Grow Your Business

SID opens your online store to brand new markets of Internet Banking and
debit card customers, thereby allowing you to increase your sales.

No Credit Card Needed

SID makes it possible for shoppers who don’t have a credit card to shop online.

Highest Payment Security

Your customers can make online payments with confidence as SID links them
to their existing Internet Banking, which they know and trust.

Overcome Credit Limits

Shoppers don’t have to draw on credit when paying with SID, as payments are
made directly from their bank accounts.

SID Instant EFT provides a simple, secure payment service to meet the unique
online payment requirements of the South African merchant. Sign up with SID
today to start selling online.

Grow your Online Business
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